Care after treatment

Tips for painless recovery

It is completely normal and expected that swelling and tightening occur immediately after the treatment, and peeling and a slight itching in the later phase. Larger swelling and bruising are also possible, and their intensity depends on the skin age and type, hormonal cycles, drugs taken and the food consumed.

 Pigmented area will be darker immediately after the treatment, and in the next 7 to 10 days. After the flaking period, pigment begins to fade, and after 4 weeks it can be expected that the color will be as it will be retained. The intensity of the color will depend on skin type.

 After 4 to 6 weeks it is recommended a correction treatment, which is included in the initial price of the treatment. Proper care of the treated area after micropigmentation guarantees fast and successful healing process.

Before any permanent makeup treatment, in general:


  • Avoid alcohol two days before and after the treatment
  • Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen and similar anticoagulants two days before and after the treatment.


Before treatment:

  • if you have chapped lips, nourish them in the usual way, but do not put anything on them 48 hours prior to treatment
  • chapped or cracked lips can not be pigmented
  • if you are prone to herpes, it is necessary to take antiviral medication 3 days before and after the treatment

Immediately after the treatment and in the first two weeks avoid:

  •  exposure to sun and wind
  • visits to the sauna
  • swimming in the pool or sea water
  • touching the pigmented areas with hands
  • harder physical activities (first 2-3 days)
  • applying makeup
  • kissing

Post-treatment care in lip pigmentation:

  •  treat as a wound and let it heal naturally and completely
  • when showering, be careful that the water does not fall directly on the lips
  • clean regularly with mild cleansing agents for removal of make-up or with alcohol-free and acid-free soap
  • tap lightly with the cotton pad – do not touch with the hands in any way
  • do not use, for example, Carmex or similar products – although at the beginning it feels pleasant, it dries quickly, thus slowing the healing process
  • when it starts to peel, applying the cream with gentle massage helps and speeds up the process do not use anti-aging creams or creams against acne
  • on the first day cool as needed every 2-3 hours for 10 minutes with wet chamomile tea bags which were kept some time in the refrigerator
  • do not put ice on the swollen lips – it could cause frostbites
  • drink through a straw for the first few days
  • sleep on your backs for the first couple of days if it is possible
  • slight pain, tension or pressure the day after the treatment is normal, but if it appears again after the break without pain, the third or fourth day, it is possible that there is an outbreak of herpes, allergic reaction to an antibiotic in cream, or fungal / bacterial infection
    in the case of infection, it is necessary to see a doctor to determine the origin of the infection and to begin appropriate treatment