Permanent make-up of lips by Dolores Srok


Lip contours:The weak or adversely shaped contours and corners of your mouth are adjusted so they could follow their ideal natural shape and are drawn again in the desired form and color.


This adjustment is particularly interesting in the case of small scars, uneven lip lines or pigment loss associated with aging. In the latter case, the shape of the upper and lower lips are carefully adjusted, allowing a discreet highlight of the Cupid’s bow. The contours make your lips younger and fresher.


Lip contours with shading: Filling the lips is done by special shading technique and individually harmonized lip colors. Thus, lips not only get more intense color, but also greater expressivity and volume.


Perfect lips:The perfect lip can be achieved with a combination of lip contouring and shading the entire surface, and chiaroscuro technique is used to additionally achieve 3D effect.

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